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We operate in several critical defense sectors, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a global network of experts to support our development.

In a crowded field where many companies vie to develop similar products, we stand out by collaborating with top-tier startups and leveraging independent structures that have already achieved success. This approach not only reduces costs but also allows us to tap into specialized personnel while accelerating our timelines.

At the core of our modus operandi lies thorough research. Before diving into any project, we delve deep into understanding the needs and requirements of military leaders. This initial groundwork spawns design hypotheses and initiates the meticulous process of scanning our extensive network to identify the necessary components, ultimately leading to successful outcomes.

Operating across various critical defense sectors, we harness cutting-edge technologies and a global network of experts to drive our development efforts.


The facial recognition algorithm detects and extracts facial characteristics and then encodes and compares these characteristics numerically, enabling the calculation of a mathematical similarity index between faces.


Nok represents the pinnacle of sophistication within the Anti-Drone system framework.

Our undertaking revolves around the development of a cutting-edge transport drone characterized by an impressive payload capacity. NOK is meticulously crafted to possess superior flight capabilities and is exclusively constructed using advanced composite materials.


A new generation of small hybrid unmanned surface-underwater vehicles is proposed that combines the agility and long-range tactical autonomy of surface vehicles with the effective stealth ability to perform critical tasks of underwater vehicles. With the recent AI-based mission planning solutions integrated, an effective ability to carry out complex tasks, even in teams, completely autonomously will also be guaranteed.


Lightweight and advanced ballistic suits for better protection in military and defence.

We have designed a new light and resistant whole body protective clothing with the use of new fibres, and we have added various sensors for continuous monitoring of the subject's vital functions as well as his status in operational activity. Project status: technical components identified, AI management software developed, create guidelines for production.

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