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Develop a rapid, on-site explosives detection system based on enzymes that degrade specific explosives and generate easily detectable byproducts.


Target Explosives

Nitroaromatics: TNT, RDX, PETN
Nitramines: RDX, HMX, CL-20
Peroxides: TATP, HMTD, APEX
Inorganic explosives: Ammonium nitrate, Black powder, Chlorate-based explosives



Traditional explosives detection methods often rely on complex instrumentation or lack portability, limiting their use in field applications. Explosives-degrading enzymes offer a promising alternative due to their:
High specificity: Enzymes can be designed to target specific explosives with minimal interference from other substances.
Signal generation: Degradation reactions can be coupled to the production of colored or fluorescent molecules, enabling visual or instrumental detection.
On-site potential: Enzyme-based assays can be designed for portability and ease of use in field settings.


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