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Crosstrak, originating from the pharmaceutical sector where it formulated its business model to address the Sars pandemic, has now shifted its focus towards developing new AI-driven technologies for both civilian and military applications.

Crosstrak is an innovation company coming from the pharmaceutical sector where it developed its business model in the containment of the Sars pandemic.

Today Crosstrak has decided to develop new technologies focused on the use of AI, new technologies for civil and military use.

Our concept of using AI has allowed us to develop, in the embryonic stage, products capable of improving the sector in which they are used.

The Defense sector represents the environment where the development of AI finds fertile ground and where continuous research and investment have been deployed, following the Russian-Ukrainian war, an increase in public funding in the world has found fertile grounds for new systems developments.

Today there is no such thing as perfect AI as perfection in AI is an ever-evolving goal, as AI technologies and applications are constantly developing. There is no arrival point but a continuous starting point, reaching the starting point first means arriving at the next phase first.

In this context, Crosstrak presents itself as a dynamic company with continuous attention to market demands.

We are not inventors but innovators researchers with the ability to bring multiple brains into dialogue and develop products that we believe are now a necessity in the markets.

In the Defense sector we have managed with our method (already successfully used in the pharmaceutical sector) to develop new products by collaborating with companies, Start Up and University Spinoff, both European and Asian.

We define ourselves as Innovation Aggregators.

In the context of the sector, we represent a new figure that has no equal, often every single research company finds it difficult to present itself on the market with its own innovation without considering that it could represent the missing link of another technology in the development phase.

At this point Crosstrak intervenes to continuously monitor the market and continuously create products. We make inventors our partners by modeling their invention according to the product created. We dialogue with everyone in such a way that everyone works in their specialized area until the final assembly.

We have design inventors, AI inventors, propulsion inventors.

At this point Crosstrak reassembles the product and presents it on the market, covering an already existing but not yet satisfied demand.

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