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Home pregnancy test for dogs
  • Bellylabs pregnancy test is a game-changing innovation: safe, reliable, quick, easy, stress-free and affordable solution for all breeders. It is also a very convenient way of distinguishing between pseudopregnancy and a real gestation.

  • There are no other similar rapid tests to detect dog pregnancy at home.

  • The test is based on science and built on lateral flow technology. It measures relaxin hormone which is a reliable indicator of pregnancy.

  • Developed with veterinarians and breeders.

  • Tested with 30+ different breeds.

  • Scientific publication coming out in 2023.

  •  International PCT patent pending.

 The test kit contains all equipment needed to take the test at home by a breeder.
The test can be safely performed by following these four simple steps:
1.    Snap
2.    Collect
3.    Drop & close
4.    Release & read
The test result can be read within 10-15 minutes. Interpreting the test result    is easy:

-    one line (C) = negative
-    two lines (T, C) = positive 

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