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Rapid CoViD-19 Detection Kits

State-of-the-art rapid tests for all common CoViD-19 strains.

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Clinical Significance

The kit contains an internal standard to avoid false negative results and ensure the accuracy of the test result


The principle of “One step” PCR technology reduces reaction time and avoids aerosol pollution.


The minimum detection baseline is 500 copies/mL, which ensures the detection of low virus content sample results


Triple PCR reaction system, high detection flux, timely and rapid completion of multiple sample detection.

Professional CoViD-19 Test Kits

According to the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Infection Diagnosis and Treatment Plan” (Trial Version 5), the CoViD-19 Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (VARIANTS) - OaCP (, is the gold standard for the diagnosis of suspected patients.

The kits are able to identify simultaneously only in one tube the presence of the COVID-19 common strain, the UK, the South African and the P2 Brazilian variants.

The kits is compatible with the most common RT-PCR instrument.

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